About the Artist

Born in Latvia,Ms.Gabrielle Benot had a natural gift for artistic creativity. From a young age she had a keen interest in sketching, drawing, and sculpting. She matured as an artist over time, often under the guidance of her grandfather, who was a self-taught painter. Eventually she would study fashion design at the Royal Fashion Academy (Margrethe Skolen) in Copenhagen. Several of her teachers include Andrea Rushing, known for his Steampunk aesthetic, and Jeffrey Watts for portraiture. Aside from her teachers, Gabrielle has also been influenced and inspired by Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Joan Brown and Jean Paul Riopelle to name a few.
Her style reflects an interest in partial figurative representation and a reduction of subject matter into minimalistic elements. Additionally, many of Ms. Benot’s paintings materialize from, and are inspired by a variety of sources; travels, literature, magazines, and alluring private snapshots based on luxury fashion branding and the equestrian lifestyle. She has used many of these sources to develop a technique of her own called Guscio. That multimedia technique includes the use of wet brushes, dry brushes, palette knives, oil pastels, charcoal and a variety of things mixed together into textured pastes that applied in a form layer upon layer. Concentrating on flow, color, and a sense of stylistic freedom Gabrielle uses her technique to experiment with abstract forms and non-figurative art styles in an effort to reach a kind of fresh, diverse, and emotionally expressive art.
And a couple of words from me personally:
I love to explore...

I like non conformity, bright colors and angular shapes 
I love Asia, exotic cats and weird food...
I love to feel things hence all of my works are heavy textured. I think it adds another dimension to an interpretation of my works. I can compare it to a clear night sky that I love gazing at ,and by going deeper and deeper through the "visible layers" I tend to find a myriad of new stars barely shining through. Inspired by that I developed a layering technique that I called Guchio
- layers that are "shining through" the layers...
I get inspired by the creations of contemporary masters in both Fashion and Art..
Traveling opens me up for new fresh ideas..

and the rich color combinations give birth to new design concepts..
Whether I am exploring 30000 year old caves in Turkey, or touring Stave churches in Norway I always add something new to my treasure box of life experiences..
I always find unique art pieces that inspire me..
and cute animals...
I love bold bright colors and massive shapes. Actually my most favorite works are done on very large scale canvas..
Gothic style architecture is dear to my heart. I grew up on the small streets of Riga followed by small streets of Copenhagen. I guess that's where my love for straight lines and angular shapes comes from..
I love photography, and since I don't have any technical skills to operate the camera I find really amazing photographers to realize my photo dreams..
I value a good advice, good laugh, loyalty and determination ..

Horse is my spirit animal, and one of my favorite subjects to work with..
Each year I set a goal to travel to a new destination, and learn a new skill..
and my friends inspire me to be the best version of myself..
 I've discovered that some parts of Italy can surprise you with the Austrian cuisine, German speaking population, and bad fashion. But at the same time with the most breathtaking view of the Alps..
the most unique Museum I've ever been to is also there. This amazing fortress turned contemporary museum is dating back 1100 years..
I've also been told I'm a pain in the ....s but I doubt it! :))